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Meljun Picardal

Meljun (Mel) Picardal joined JM during January 2016 from Hawaii. He has been helping with the English Evangelism Program. “Teaching English is a great opportunity for the church to invite the community for English education with a short Bible time at the end of class” Mel recently shared. “I work with about 30 students weekly, ranging from ages 5 to 71, from busy business owners to retirees. Most of them are non-Christian, yet they come consistently to church to talk about their week. I can’t count how many times English class seems to change from a classroom, to a counseling session, to a casual conversation and even Bible study. It’s amazing to see how people are so open to sharing their life if we just allow them the space to do so. I find myself wearing two hats most of the time — a teacher’s hat and a counselor’s hat.”

Mel also has expertise in audio-visual production. In recent months, the Lord seems to be opening up the way for Mel to concentrate more on creating media content for JM and the local churches. During April 2016, the Lord led Alex and Mel to help the victims of the Kumamoto earthquake. They made a video to promote the relief effort for the earthquake victims and churches that were devastated. We were astonished when we saw the video had over 30,000 views on Facebook alone! This has played an important role by helping to raise awareness for prayer, giving and volunteering. Over 3,000 volunteers came. This video and our most recent Christmas video can be viewed on YouTube at:

There are thousands of churches in Japan in need of media assistance that do not have the financial or technical resources. Pray that the Lord would clearly lead as we pursue this ministry with so much potential.


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