Vision of Japan Mission

Spiritually Thriving Centers of Hope

The motto of Japan Mission is Called to Serve. We desire to serve the Japanese people in whatever way the Lord leads, so that some may be saved. The two main purposes of our ministry continues to be to evangelize the unsaved and assist the Bible-teaching churches of Japan. Japan Mission is interdenominational, not forming churches, but rather linking those reached through various avenues of ministry to already existing Bible-teaching Churches.

Japan is in great need of more churches that are spiritually thriving centers of hope, that can meet the needs of those in their communities. The Lord has directed us to aid in the development of such centers of hope by encouraging the small churches — thereby strengthening the Christian community as a whole.

Most of the 7,800 churches in Japan have an attendance of fewer than 30 people and struggle to survive. These churches are surrounded by people in need of counseling, social support, quality childcare, care for the elderly and effective education. JM workers and resources help to empower many churches to meet these needs and establish a connection with people – thereby helping them reach people in their communities for Christ:

  1. LITERATURE – JM publishes a monthly evangelistic tract, which helps churches evangelize their communities. We also remain committed to making thousands of Bibles available in various languages throughout Japan, China and other parts of the world.

  2. EVANGELISTIC PROGRAMS – Missionary / Teachers teach Conversational English and share the Gospel in many churches. JM workers have also been involved in Camps, Cooking and Choir classes and Services for Children and the Elderly — while sharing the Gospel.

  3. MEDIA & AUDIO VISUAL – JM assists churches with video production, advertising and website development. Evangelistic and Christian educational videos, audio Bibles and message DVDs have also been made available. We remain committed to making significant investments in Christian TV and Radio, which impacts the lives of millions in Japan with the Gospel.

  4. RESOURCES & EDUCATION – JM has provided consultation and training seminars that address specific needs. Teachers, special speakers, literature and teaching materials have also been provided.

Workers of Japan Mission are actively involved reaching the unsaved for Christ. Special events focusing on Christmas, Easter, English Camps, Barbeque, Parents and Children’s groups enable us to share the Gospel with those who have never attended to church.

Team members are also invited to serve in many local churches as speakers of worship services and evangelistic events. Christmas is a special time of year when Japanese people are interested in Christianity. Workers become very busy as they participate in over 100 evangelistic meetings, concerts and parties in various churches to reach those in local communities who desire to learn more about the meaning of Christmas. Pray that many will be reached through these outreach opportunities.

Read a letter from Japan Missions director, David Verwey.

Pray for wisdom and guidance as we seek to develop resources to assist churches become spiritually thriving centers of hope, that can connect and impact people in their communities for Christ.