Outreach to the Elderly:

There are four large retirement homes close to the Mission headquarters. We have had a number of opportunities to hold special meetings and befriend some of the residents and staff.
The manager of one of the homes asked us to teach English to the elderly on a regular basis. We accepted his proposal, if in exchange we could share God’s Word. They agreed to this and we have had some wonderful opportunities to witness, distribute Christian literature and share God’s Word. Pray for Sunette Hugo, Mrs. Fukunaga and others who are vitally involved in this work. Pray that many would come to know the Lord!

Hospital Outreach:

For the Japanese who do not know Christ, facing death is often very lonely and hopeless. It is not customary for a Buddhist priest to visit the sick. The priest’s role becomes important at funerals and dealing with matters pertaining to the after-life. If patients happen to see a Buddhist priest while in hospital, their reaction is often, “What are you doing here? You are too early!”

As Sue Verwey witnessed to a medical doctor who studied Buddhism for eight years, he said, “I realized that after all that time, I had no words of hope to offer the dying,” he confessed. “I sometimes ask my Catholic friend to offer words of hope and encouragement to my terminal patients.” He eagerly received the Christian literature Sue gave him.

Buddhist people have no words of hope to offer the sick and dying. This is not so with our staff members! The Lord continues to give us wonderful opportunities to comfort the sick and dying. Please pray for this ministry!


Japan Mission continues to sponsor Mr. Caballes, who is a hospital evangelist on the island of Mindanao, in the Southern part of the Philippines. He continues to preach, share the Gospel with patients in local hospitals, and evangelize the people of the mountain tribes.

We recently received reports of uprisings and violence, perpetrated by a Muslim insurgency in neighboring towns. Mr. Caballes recently reported, “We have experienced much trouble due to our political leaders, kidnappings, drugs and war. Yet we have not lost our determination to trust and serve the Lord.”

Pray for the protection of Mr. Caballes and his family. Pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to give Mr. Caballes the courage to boldly preach the Gospel in the midst of very difficult circumstances.