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Mrs. Sonoda, our next-door neighbor in Ikoma, discovered a lump in her left breast. It proved to be malignant and so the doctor had CD to perform a mastectomy. We earnestly wanted to talk to her about the things of the Lord at that time, but did not find Mr. Sonoda very cooperative. Then the cancer was detected in her other breast and so that too was removed. Still, we could not find entrance for the Gospel in that home.

Mrs. Sonoda’s cancer spread quite rapidly and before long she was on crutches. Every time we went to her home to see her, her husband informed us that she was too tired to speak to us. Many times a day we cried to God for her salvation and God answered our prayers.

Mr. Sonoda was building some containers with cement blocks, in which he wanted to plant shrubs to beautify the harsh cement wall in the front of his house. He needed good topsoil, but was at a loss as to where get some. God was already at work and through some heavy rains He deposited some good topsoil on our property. Mr. Sonoda was most delighted when we offered to deliver the needed soil to his doorstep in our little truck.

The very next time we approached him about talking to his wife, his attitude was quite different. For the first time we Then had the opportunity of reading a text out of God’s Word and could explain to her that Jesus came into the world to die for her sins. We prayed and left.

God gave Mrs. Sonoda such wonderful peace that she kept on at her husband to allow us to come back. Her cancer progressed very fast, but we were able to go and read the Word of God to her and speak freely to her about spiritual things almost daily. Every time we prayed, she also prayed, quoting the text that we had read to her. We believe that she then truly found Jesus as her personal Savior.

Later on, she deteriorated so fast that she needed to be hospitalized. Her bed was under a window that has a good view of the parking lot. She was too weak to sit up, but held up her mirror to watch what was going on outside.

“The Verwey’s are coming,” she would say to her husband, after she noticed us in her mirror as we walked from the car. Again, as we went out, she would follow us in her mirror.

We can so vividly remember her reading after us, “Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; He also is become my salvation.” (Is. 12:2)

But she gradually weakened and one day unexpectedly passed away. We happened to be away from home, but Mr. Sonoda told us that she died with real peace in her heart. “I will be waiting for you in heaven,” were some of the last words she spoke to him.

Pray for us as we try to reach Mr. Sonoda, with the Gospel that the Holy Spirit will work in his heart. Pray also for his daughter-in-law and her husband and their children living with him.