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Surfing The Net To Find Jesus (click here)

“I believe in the presence of God!” a Christian friend said to me one day at work and those words began to change my life! With my Buddhist background, I just could not figure out how the presence of God could in any way be related to human affairs.

I closely watched my friend, and noticed that his values were very different from mine. He could state his opinions with such assurance and I was puzzled as I observed his upright life.

Much as I wanted to know more about his faith, I was hesitant to question him any further. Instead, I decided to surf the Internet for information about Christianity and exchanged opinions with Christians all over Japan.

I needed to go to church, I felt, and set out to look for one in my neighbourhood. I came across Saga Church, but when I reached the building, my courage failed me and I went back home! This happened several times.

One Saturday evening, walking past the church, I noticed a poster, telling of English classes held there. At that very moment, the pastor of the church came out to water some plants in the front garden.

I plucked up the courage to speak to him and said, “I see you hold English Classes here!” He was most friendly and invited me to attend the worship service, to be held on the next day.

I was so impressed by what I heard during that service that I had a desire to become involved in some of the other activities of the church. I joined the English teaching program, which I discovered was called, the Joy Club. I knew my English was not good, but in the classes I came across something else I could not figure out.

Why had the teacher, Mr. Albert Greeff, along with his family, left a fulfilling life and ministry in South Africa and come all the way to Japan, to serve in a little remote place like the Saga Church? If that is what is called faith, I knew that I did not have it! But it made me read the Bible more seriously, so that I could try to find the answer.

By then, I was attending nearly every meeting in the church. During a series of special meetings, I was deeply moved and broken before the Lord. As a result, I knew that I had completely changed and e-mailed my Internet friends, saying, “Jesus has come into my heart!” They all rejoiced with me.

I went to church for the first time on the 31st August, 1997 and got baptised on the 21st December, conscious that the step I had taken might well affect my family relationships and my work.

My father is very much against my faith and fears that I, the oldest son, will, not be able to take care of the spirits of our ancestors. I now pray earnestly for his salvation and for that of my other family members. I am trusting God that He will fulfil His wonderful Promise, “Believe on the Lord JesusChrist, and you will be saved, you and your household” (Acts 16:31)

One day someone from my church visited my wife, who is not yet saved, and I heard later that my wife had told her that I had become more cheerful since I became a Christian. I thank God for this very small sign that God is at work in my family!

Still growing in Christ,

Masahiro Mizuguchi