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“Why ever was I born a pastor’s daughter!” Misao Kawaguchi often asked herself, resenting her parents and God. “Why do I have to live in a church building of all places?”

The Kawaguchis lived in a small town where they all knew everything about each other and Misao hated to be different from the other children. She dreaded the moments in the class- room when there was the slightest reference made to her parents.

“I am never going to be a Christian and I am never going to get married to a pastor!” she determined!”

At the age of 18, Misao was studying very hard to pass the entrance examinations to enter a Christian college. Not knowing much about he Bible, she asked her father to help her study it, just in case she was asked some questions on the subject at the exam.

She failed the entrance examination and there were not a single question on the Bible. When her father saw how downhearted she was, he gently suggested that she should continue reading the Bible.

Misao agreed and, through doing so, her eyes were opened to the wonderful blessings God has in store for those who walk with Him and she accepted Jesus as her Savior.

Accepted by another college, she had to move from the peaceful countryside to the big city of Osaka. Although she went to church every week, she was tempted by the bright lights and amusements of the big city.

Misao invariably forgot about God during the week and hung out at one of the night-clubs almost every night. She knew that she was empty inside, but didn’t have any Christian friends of her own age and no one in whom she could confide. But God, in His mercy, saw her need and did not reject her.

On one of her days off, Misao was invited to visit the Doulos, a ship that travels around the world, bringing the message of salvation wherever it stops. She did not know enough English to communicate too well with the crew, but she was encouraged and touched at seeing their attitudes and smiles.

After visiting the Doulos, Misao stopped going to night-clubs and suddenly became conscious of a desire in her heart to serve God.

Perhaps more as a way of escape than for any other reason, Misao obtained a job on the Doulos and experienced what it really meant to be a follower of Christ. Watching the crew in action, she realized that not only faith but also good works were essential in the life of a true Christian.

Misao’s life was revolutionized when God spoke to her powerfully through His Word.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”(Matt. 5:16)