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Three Accidents In One Day (click here)

I have driven for 51 years and have never had an accident.

Until not so long ago!

Then in one day I was involved in three accidents!

The first one occurred in the morning. I landed in a ditch at the side of the road. Several strong men stopped and helped to lift the wheels of my car out of the gutter.

Later that day, I asked one of my younger helpers to drive me to my next appointment. I was worn out and laid down on the back seat to rest before I had to tackle my next engagement. It was raining and we came down a steep mountain road. My driver applied the brakes, the car spun out of control and overturned. I woke up before I hit the roof of the car. We were surprised that we had no serious injuries. Several drivers stopped and helped us roll the car back on its wheels.

When I looked at the ashen face of the young driver, I thought it would be better for me to take the wheel. For the next hour I gave him lectures on driving.

God heard me seeking to impress this young man with my driving skills, and He decided to teach me a lesson!

As I switched lanes, a truck driver seemingly decided to take me off the road. He sped past me, and, with the backside of his truck, swiped the left mudgaurd of my car, hurling me into a paddy field! The young driver looked at me in dismay.

“Shall we walk the rest of the way?” he inquired. He was whiter in the face than ever before. We managed to get out of the paddy field and drove home.

At home that night, did I thank God for over half a century of accident-free years? No, I was so taken up with those three accidents that I had nightmares!

During the early morning hours, God spoke peace to my heart through the Bible.
Enjoy prosperity whenever you can, and when hard times strike, realize that God gives one as well as the other. Ecclesiastes 7:14

God is good!

Neil Verwey