Speed Bumps

by Neil Verwey

An article in the Asahi Newspaper says that bumpy roads help reduce car accidents by keeping drowsy drivers from nodding off and reckless drivers from speeding.

These are not just any bumps. Nowadays, speed bumps are scientifically designed and those who do not speed might not even be conscious of them. They are installed at specific intervals to transmit “rhythmical bumps” that can feel either pleasant or annoying, depending on how fast the driver is going.

Some are in the form of grooves cut into the road surface, while others are thin strips of paving material formed into ridges. Speed bumps are perceived as pleasant for normal drivers but are designed to make driving uncomfortable for reckless or speeding drivers.

A segment of an expressway in western Japan, used to have an average of 23 car accidents annually. Two years after speed bumps were created, the incidence was down to only one a year!

Today, artificial bumps are in place at 163 sites throughout Japan. There were 623 accidents before the roads were treated. One year later, the number was down to 353! (Source: Asahi Shimbun Newspaper)

Sometimes, when we rush ahead, God prepares some speed bumps on our way, in order to slow us down. We suddenly hit some trial or hold up and we do not want to wait for anything. We would rather rush ahead, sometimes without proper planning and prayer.

Let’s follow the advice of God’s Word and wait on God.
Whoever believes will not act hastily. Isaiah 28:16

For they shall not be ashamed who wait for Me. Isaiah 49:23

Let’s wait on God, so that we can be directed, protected and corrected!