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Bill Cook

Evangelist & Bible Courier

Bill Cook joined Japan Mission as a full-time missionary from the USA in 1983. He was involved in many aspects of the ministry including evangelism, counseling and church-planting.

Read the inspiring testimony of Bill Cook by selecting this link (pdf).

Bill has been available in serving the Lord wherever the need may arise. He was involved in providing disaster relief to the victims of the great Hanshin Earthquake of 1995, and again during the devastating M9.0 earthquake and tsunami disaster that struck Japan on March 11, 2011.

Bill became an associate member of Japan Mission in 1995 when he started to work with the New Life League. They were involved in the printing and distribution of millions of Bibles to China and many other countries. The stories coming back of things happening in China inspired Bill to no end. Although the greatest need for Bibles was in China, the most difficult country at that time was Vietnam. There was one place in Vietnam where five churches had one Bible! They would hold a service, and then someone would get on a bicycle to take the Bible to the next village, so they could have their service. In that way, the five churches shared one Bible. With this desperate need in mind, Bill got a one way ticket to Vietnam in 1998 to help supply Bibles to these desperate Christians.

The Lord then opened the door for Bill to base his operations in Thailand. From there, he was able to take in Bibles into Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. He led many teams over the years on some very dangerous missions to deliver loads of Bibles into this region.

Bill recently turned 80 and is now living in Chang Mai, Thailand. He is still very active and involved in Bible distribution, preaching and working with orphans. Please pray for his protection and good health. Pray that the Lord would give Bill enough wisdom and strength to bring glory to His name each day.