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Brandon & Laura Swallow – Teacher & General Outreach


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Brandon and Laura Swallow joined Japan Mission from the USA in Sept 2016.

LAURA is a certified teacher and is serving as a full-time middle school teacher at Kansai Christian School (KCS).

KCS was established by Japan Mission (JM) and a number of other missions in 1970 when they saw the need to establish a Christian school for the children of missionaries who were seeking to reach out to the 23 million people in the Kansai area. Although the purpose of the school is to provide a Christian education for missionary children, up to 20% of students come from non-Christian homes. Teachers have a unique opportunity to encourage missionary children, witness to non-Christian students and parents, and influence the surrounding community for Christ.

Laura recently shared, “It is all so overwhelming to me… So humbling to think that God has called me to such a school (KCS) and entrusted me with the responsibility of 17 students across 5 grade levels that come to learn about, yes, English and history and math, but also about Him. They come to learn to love Him and serve Him. They learn how a Christian loves and has unspeakable joy and peace and patience and gentleness and kindness and self-control… Then they take that love back to non-Christian homes and witness to their unbelieving parents and siblings through words and conduct. They witness to their friends and shine a light in a god-filled, yet Godless land.”

BRANDON, is preaching, helping with a children’s outreach and various other evangelistic efforts. He is also caring for their two small children, Lisanna (4) and Arrow (2).

Brandon and Laura are excited to be part of the ministry at KCS and JM. They have experienced the Lord’s guidance and miraculous provision as He opened the way for them to make this move to Japan.

Pray that Brandon would have discernment and be an effective witness.

Pray for protection for Lisanna and Arrow. Pray that they would grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Lord.

Pray that the Lord would give Laura wisdom and strength as she teaches and reaches out to the non-Christian student and parent community.

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