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David & Sue Verwey

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David and Sue were both raised in Japan as missionary kids. They were married in 1982 and joined Japan Mission (JM) in 1987. They are now involved in various aspects of the ministry. Please pray for wisdom and protection as they have various leadership responsibilities.

Pray for their three children: JESSE is in the US Army and CHRIS is now studying further in the USA. ALEX is now working with JM as a missionary. While  involved in ministry, he also manages various aspects of the work including the English Evangelism Outreach Program.

David has been asked to speak at various evangelistic opportunities, serve as board member of Christian organizations and also served as Principal of a school (KCS) for missionary children for about 7 years.

In an effort to sow the seed more widely, David has also served on two local city mayor’s councils, a police commission and has spoken at local Japanese public schools. David says, “It was one of the highlights of our lives when Sue and I were able to gather all of the Japanese school principals in our area together to share our Christian view of education and raising children. It was a wonderful opportunity to witness to them!” As a result, David was further asked to speak on this subject at a number of their PTA meetings.

David is currently responsible for the general management and continued development of the vision for the work. This includes mediating between workers, churches and Christian schools, and working with various organizations in order to further the vision of the work. Other aspects involve recruitment, personnel management, policies and overseeing finances.

Sue has been involved in ministry with schools, PTA groups, ladies, children, and securing and setting up housing for Mission personnel. She is a wonderful help to David, and plays a critical role in providing hospitality, counseling Christian workers, and witnessing to non-Christian friends.

David and Sue have also represented Japan Mission by taking meetings in Canada, UK, USA and South Africa. Please pray for their protection and the ability to effectively communicate the vision of the work.

David, Sue, Alex and Eri Verwey

Alex and his wife Eri represent the third generation Verweys, doing missionary work in Japan. Please also remember their children Will, Joey and Nao in your prayers – the fourth generation.

Feel free to contact David and Sue Verwey by sending e-mail to:

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