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Mr. & Mrs. Caballes

Japan Mission continues to sponsor Mr. Caballes, who is a hospital evangelist on the island of Mindanao, in the Southern part of the Philippines. He continues to preach, share the Gospel with patients in local hospitals, and evangelize the people of the mountain tribes.

“We find that hospital evangelism is a very fruitful work. There are two government hospitals and three private hospitals in our area. We visit many patients and share the Gospel with them. When they are saved and leave the hospital, we introduce them to a nearby church. We appreciate your prayers as we carry on a difficult work.”

We recently received reports of uprisings and violence, perpetrated by a Muslim insurgency in neighboring towns. Mr. Caballes recently reported, “We have experienced much trouble due to our political leaders, kidnappings, drugs and war. Yet we have not lost our determination to trust and serve the Lord.”

Pray for the protection of Mr. Caballes and his family. Pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to give Mr. Caballes the courage to boldly preach the Gospel in the midst of very difficult circumstances.